Hello There!

My name is Gabriel, and this is my 2022 Graphic Design portfolio!

I am a Graphic and Multimedia Designer who is currently residing in Oakdale, PA. I am also attending the Pittsburgh Technical College for my Associates Degree in graphic design, advancing further towards a successful educational path.

Ever since I attended a vocational school part-time in high school, I fell in love with the idea of being a graphic designer and developing all sorts of projects for possible future clients. I have been studying graphic design since I was a freshman in 2017, and each step of my life has helped me boost my confidence further.

Utilizing the method of creating thumbnail sketches, rough thumbnails, and further design developmental steps help the process of creating a perfect design in my book.

Previous Projects

All work shown here was done as part of an educational assignment to complete my degree. The work was NOT commissioned or approved by the client or company shown. It does not represent the true identity of the client or company, except where noted.

Contact Me!

I have created a small contact form for anyone who is interested in contacting me easily through the click of a button! Any messages sent through this form will be viewed and responded to within the next couple of hours! Thank you very much!