My Short Blog!

Welcome to the short blog area of mine, where I talk about various things that have happened in my life, updating my experiences as I adapt to them. College has brought many experiences into the picture, which may be professionally spoken here!

Each blog will have a small set of text to accompany it, along with a title and a button to view more information about that specific blog. Enjoy!

My Internship Experience (SO Far...)

Updated on September 8, 2022 by Gabriel Zimmerman

As this title mentions the general idea of this blog post, I started an internship with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette back in july and it has been a blast so far! Currently I am in week 8 of the internship, but this blog post will definitely detail what I have learned and how it can help me adapt as a Graphic Designer.

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My Experience With College (Thus Far...)

Updated on August 31, 2022 by Gabriel Zimmerman

Though this title mentions that I will be speaking in regard to my experience with college (thus far), I wanted to put in this description that Pittsburgh Technical College has given me the greatest college experience that I never thought I would have had. I have made some amazing connections here, developed many long-lasting memories, and pursued more towards my goals and educational path.

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Welcome To My Portfolio Website!

Updated on August 24, 2022 by Gabriel Zimmerman

As the title says, welcome to my portfolio website! Originally, I created my own portfolio website back in 2020 to accompany some of the pieces I made at my vocational school, but that website has not been updated since I got busy with several other advances throughout my career as a graphic designer.

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