Cardello Lighting & Electrical Supply Campaign

This sixth piece from my portfolio is another advertisement campaign that I have developed, which involves the home development/improvement company, Cardello Lighting & Electrical Supply. Cardello offer many sorts of home lighting options to spruce up the look, feel, and overall lighting of your living space.

This campaign includes two Postcards (one is sized 7" by 5" and the other is 9" by 6"), a Custom Market Mailer, and a Standing Roll-up Banner.

I created this piece for my class, Advertising Processes, during my time at Pittsburgh Technical College. This piece has been revised, since the original campaign was created for The Home Depot, to fit Cardello and represent their brand's look.

All work shown here was done as part of an educational assignment to complete my degree. The work was NOT commissioned or approved by the client or company shown. It does not represent the true identity of the client or company, except where noted.