My Experience With College (Thus Far...)

Updated on August 31, 2022 by Gabriel Zimmerman

Though this title mentions that I will be speaking in regard to my experience with college (thus far), I wanted to put in this description that Pittsburgh Technical College has given me the greatest college experience that I never thought I would have had. I have made some amazing connections here, developed many long-lasting memories, and pursued more towards my goals and educational path.

Continuing forward, experiencing how to make websites is the best series of knowledge that I have learned. If I did not learn the skills to make a website, I would not be able to do this right now! Each of my instructors during my time at PTC have really given me the strength to excell in enhancing my graphic design skills, which I genuinely appreciate.

The amazing roommates I have had really opened up my eyes to the "college experience", helping me learn how they get through their days and how different college can be for someone. For example, my roommate who sadly had to move out of the dormitories since he failed some classes (named Tyler) genuinely helped me through a lot of the issues I was having with my relationship at the time, along with motivating my interest in video games and superheroes (especially the Batman series)... I already miss him. Another roommate who I really appreciate and is still pushing strong in his classes is named Nick, and Nick has been there for me 24/7 if there is ever a problem, which I am extremely grateful for!

As I am closer and closer to graduation, college has really been a topic I have reflected some life lessons from and it has made me more of a mature human being than I used to be, before I attended PTC.

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