My Internship Experience (SO Far...)

Updated on September 7, 2022 by Gabriel Zimmerman

As this title mentions the general idea of this blog post, I started an internship with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette back in july and it has been a blast so far! Currently I am in week 8 of the internship, but this blog post will definitely detail what I have learned and how it can help me adapt as a Graphic Designer.

First off, getting any type of position at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is an absolute blessing since it is a very high end job. Although I was anxious that I would not get the job, even though I went through two consectuively fascinating interviews, I was still anxious due to the great reputation of the Post-Gazette and many other people have applied for the same position I was going for. Luckily I got my offer letter within the next couple of days and the position was mine! Starting in July was nice, but I was going through some rough patches at the time and trying to figure out if the internship would be best for me. Future me can reassure past me and say... Yes, it was absolutely worth it.

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