Welcome To My Portfolio Website!

Updated on August 24, 2022 by Gabriel Zimmerman

As the title says, welcome to my portfolio website! Originally, I created my own portfolio website back in 2020 to accompany some of the pieces I made at my vocational school, but that website has not been updated since I got busy with several other advances throughout my career as a graphic designer.

Since I started at the Pittsburgh Technical College in October 2020, during the pandemic, things turned virtual and I was mostly stuck at home focusing on school, while working a virtual graphic design job. As time went by, I advanced through each quarter/semester at the college and gained an astounding friend group, found a job doing graphic design for the school, and I am extremely close to graduating.

Once I graduate, my aspirations and dreams for what I want to pursue as a graphic designer will become a reality. As for now, I will continue to strengthen my portfolio and advance further towards college graduation, focusing further on my internship too.

I hope to write more about my college experiences, tips I have on graphic design, and further things that are in the mind of myself. As I continue to update this website with several pieces I want to display for public viewing, more information about the process and progress of my works will be displayed efficiently. Thank you all!

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